PhD Industrial Organization

Last updated on Nov 10, 2021


Welcome to my notes and code for a graduate course in Empirical Industrial Organization!

All code is written in Julia. I borrow heavily from other sources (below), but all mistakes are mine. The RMarkdown notebooks can be found here.

Please, if you find any typos or mistakes, open a new issue. Or even better, fork the repo and submit a pull request. I am happy to share my work and I am even happier if it can be useful.


The course will cover the following content

  1. Introduction
  2. Production Function Estimation
  3. Demand Estimation [slides]
  4. Demand Identification
  5. Merger Analysis
  6. Entry and Exit
  7. Single-Agent Dynamics [slides]
  8. Dynamic Games [slides]
  9. Auctions
  10. Media

The course also covers the baseline replication of the following papers

  1. Logit Demand [slides]
  2. Berry, Levinsohn, Pakes (1995) [slides]
  3. Rust (1987) [slides]


The course heavily borrows from the following sources

  • Kohei Kawaguchi’s Empirical IO course in R
  • Gregory Crawford Graduate Empirical IO course at UZH
  • Phil Haile and Mitrsuru Igami Graduate Empirical IO course at Yale

More references can be found within each single session.